In House R&D Centre

The company has self-sufficient state of the art in-house R&D center, spread across 525 Sq Mtr area having experienced team of chemists with a blend of PhDs and masters. The lab infrastructure comprises modern synthesis labs, analytical labs and a pilot plant facility equipped with advanced instruments.

R&D center continues with its recognition by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Technology Bhavan (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

Technical R&D Capabilities:

  • Route scouting, new process development and optimization
  • Track record of undertaking troubleshooting and process improvements
  • Technology transfer to commercialization
  • Registration support for new molecules
  • Impurity profiling comprising identification, synthesis/isolation and thorough characterization of the known/unknown impurities
  • Support in 5 batch analysis as required for export registration
  • IP generation – protecting technologies developed at R&D by patenting the novel processes
  • Backward synthesis of key products for improvising process economics
  • Over the years R&D center has developed capabilities in handling complex chemistries
  • Expertise in Friedel craft Alkylation, Acylation, Oxidation, Reduction, Hydrogenation, Isomerization, Methylation, Halogenation, Nitration, Condensation, Etherification, Grignard Reaction and Diazotization

Process Safety:

  • Technical R&D has proven track record in developing safe processes by generating process safety data and undertaking HAZOP studies for safe production
  • Assessment of compatibility of hazardous chemicals for safer processes
  • Monitoring all identified process safety parameters from lab to pilot scale prior to the commercialization

Process Scale-up facilities:

  • In-house R&D has a separate a pilot plant facility within the premises having ability to Scale up new processes prior to commercialization
  • The pilot plant has different reactors with varying MOC and all glass reactors along with downstream equipment and utilities
  • Established process scalability for several active ingredients and intermediates

Analytical Capabilities:

  • Analytical R&D lab equipped with a wide range of advanced analytical instruments, such as HPLCs, Prep HPLC, GCs, GC-HS and other modern instruments
  • Capable of providing all required analytical support for new process development

Future Planning:

  • Our company is looking to adopt new and upgraded technologies to stay ahead of its competitors
  • R&D will continue with its efforts to scale up the technical capabilities by addition of new modern instruments and further expansion of the lab infrastructure and additional skilled resources
  • Another focus area could be addition of a GLP lab for regulatory data generation

R & D Formulation

The key activities in R&D Formulation involve:

  • Develop new formulations as per market demand either Solo or in combination and multiple way (three molecules in one formulation).
  • Focus on eco-friendly Formulation development such as solids and water based liquid of numerous varieties for example WDG (Wetteble Dispersible Granules), EG (Emulsifiable Granules), SG (Soluble Granule), ZC (Zeon Concentrate) , ZE (A mixer of Capsule suspension and Suspo-emulsion), CS (Capsule Suspension), ME (Micro Emulsion), OD (Oil Dispersion), SC (Suspension Concentrate), EW (Concentrated Emulsion), FS (Flowable suspension for seed treatment), SE (Suspo-emulsion), ULV (Ultra Low Volume Liquid) etc.
  • Patent new formulation for protecting technology.


Ability to develop new processes and formulations supported by the capability to register new molecules


R&D lab is equipped with a full range of advanced analytical instruments, which are capable of providing the required analytical support for process Formulation Development needs.


R&D is a continuous activity instead of one-time activity. Therefore, your company is looking to adopt novel and upgraded technologies in order to stay ahead of its competitors. Future R&D efforts will continue along similar lines, as at present, but with more focus, thrust and endeavours.


Formulation R&D Pilot Plant is equipped with all latest equipment required for Novel formulation technologies. We are capable of formulating new formulations (tech-transfer) from lab to pilot plant with a capacity of 50 kg to 500kg before going to production scale. This will help to boost confidence during production scale and also help to support field demo samples required in bulk quantity as pre-launch.

Our Facilities Include

  • 450 KL Full fledge ETP including primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary (chlorination system, sand filter, carbon filter) treatment and two filter presses
  • Well-equipped laboratory for waste water sample analysis
  • 800 MT Solid Waste Storage Area.
  • Well developed Green Belt Area.
  • 110 KLD Spray Dryer to treat liquid toxic effluent.
  • Two multistage evaporators having.