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Top Agricultural Products That You Need to Know About!

With the advent of new technologies, agricultural chemical products are evolving and moving towards sustainability. Farming practices are changing and demand innovative products that can help in increasing the longevity of crops without increasing carbon and water footprint. While many conscious agricultural companies in India have started moving towards producing quality chemicals to protect the crops from diseases, the need for awareness remains. Crop damage from insects and pathogens remains a critical problem for farmers that affects the yield and quality. Hence, it is vital to take appropriate measures. If you are curious to know about sustainable and safe agricultural chemical products, here is a list to help you enhance the production process.3 Agricultural Products to Protect Your Crops From Damage!


One of the biggest reasons why crops get damaged is due pest  attack. Once the pests start attacking the crops, the damage cannot be reversed. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to take essential steps to prevent this from happening. With urbanization taking the central stage, modern insecticides having safe and sustainable chemicals can help to control the problem. The use of insecticides in the agricultural industry can benefit you:

  • Protection of crops from diseases and defoliation.
  • Increased productivity as the yield grows naturally without outside intervention. An infected plant can pass on harmful pathogens to future crops that lead to potential losses. Hence, with the use of insecticides, you can stop the plants from getting infected.
  • Crops are under threat even after harvesting. Bugs, rodents, and night bugs can cause trouble during storage. However, insecticides provide a barrier that ensures protection during harvesting and storage and enhances the lifespan.


Multiple organisms such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria can cause plant diseases that can damage the growth of the plant field.  Applying fungicides appropriately can help you achieve your production goals cost-effectively and efficiently. A fungicide is a formula that helps you prevent the growth of fungi on plants, seeds, and roots. Modern production methods combined with effective spraying technology can help you destroy fungi by destroying its ability to activate enzymes.

  • Helps Destroying Microorganisms: Many micro-organisms attack the plant’s health. Fungicides are sustainable agricultural chemical products that disrupt the fungi cell’s membrane. They also help prevent spore germination and infection.
  • Enhanced Growth Efficiency: A fungicide can help a plant increase its longevity and tolerance to stressful conditions. For healthier seed quality, you can use them for the best results.


Weeds compete with plants for nutrients and waters, leaving them starving for essentials. Weak plants then become susceptible to infestation. Hence, it is critical to opt for damage control from the start. Herbicides are specialized agricultural chemical products that ensure your plants grow in a weed-free environment. Herbicides target key enzymes that disrupt food production and deactivate them using carefully formulated chemicals. They do not promote toxicity when compared to their counterparts. Advantages of Herbicides:

  • Excellent Weed Control: The use of these safe and specialized products helps control excessive weeds to ensure a better crop quality.
  • Enhanced Yield and Better Soil Retention: As weeds take up all the soil nutrients from the plant, the use of herbicides helps the crop retain soil and water better and ensure higher production.
  • Cost-Effective: Modern agricultural companies in India produce a formulation that helps growers accelerate the process cost-effectively and leave a lower carbon footprint.

The Final Word

Now that you know popular methods of enhancing your agricultural produce, you can make an informed decision based on the cost, spraying method, business requirement, and more essential factors. Working with a reputable agricultural company in India, you can buy the best solutions that suit your unique needs.

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